As we solely specialise in testing & tagging, we would like to offer our services in keeping your business electrically compliant. Our pricing ranges from as low as $3 to $6 for 240 volts & $8 for 3 phase appliances (415v). We don’t charge GST to the final invoice, the item fee is what you pay.

We use the latest in testing technology and testing PC software for accurately recording all testing. Our testing machine will not print out a test tag unless the appliance is plugged into the testing apparatus and tested. Unlike the common manual tagging technique, the testing internal programming of the testing apparatus cannot be manipulated as it is all programmed by the manufacturer. We supply test reports which can be used for workplace safety and auditing to show that your business is electrically compliant towards your staff and customers.

As some companies use the old way of where they write on the tags of the date when the appliance has been tested, it doesn't mean that it has been tested! Anyone can write on a tag to say that it has been tested! But has it? These people are using old technology. The testing equipment and PC software we use can prove that the item has been tested by printing out a test report for the customer. In other words: No test, No tag, No report.

We offer a free Microwave Oven Radiation Leakage test on every microwave oven in your facilities. Most people don’t know that Microwave ovens emit dangerous toxic radiation. A report will be provided for each microwave oven tested for radiation leaks.                                                                                

We will alert you via phone or email when your next scheduled testing is due three weeks prior to the next test due date. This eliminates you of having the worry of ringing and organising someone to retest your appliances. We will advise you in ample time of our visit so you can arrange for the appliances and equipment to be tested in a managed time frame.

Most electricians have many customers and find it hard to find a time frame to fit in your testing & tagging into their work regime, thus the reason for testing to be out of date. We solely concentrate on testing & tagging of appliances and electrical equipment only.

We offer a 10% discount on all sighted recent quotes or invoices. We apply a standard item charge and not an hourly rate. It doesn't matter how long it takes us to test an item, it’s the same price unlike an hourly rate where people can stretch the hourly rate fee out longer.


We look forward to have your continued business if considered.